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Jan 4, 2003

This page grew as we issued bulletins on Lily's health   The most current information is toward the top of the page.  I will update page with new pics and information as time allows, but as of Jan 1, 2003, Lily is doing VERY WELL.   She currently weights about 45lbs  which is perfect for her very petite little frame.   She is shamefully spoilt by her Grandparents, Bud & Erma,she bosses her afghan buddy around and is fabulously spoilt -  as she deserves to be.   She has continued to suffer from serious ear infections, and skin problems due to food allergies and with the help of trained veterniary specialtists is thrivingLily will undergo minor surgery in the near future for the removal of 2 small tumors on her chest.    These are considered to be NOT serious, but until they are removed and biopsied, we can't be sure.  For now, we are all grateful for the opportunity to watch our beautiful delicate flower bloom!!!

  8/11/2002 update     Lily is Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lily ~


Lily continues to show us all that her will to survive is strong!!   She is gaining weight and enjoying life in her foster home. 
Lily is is on the road to recovery.  The bandages are off and she looks great.  Happily there appear to be no lingering side effects to worry about with her not eating for several days.   Throughout this horrible ordeal, Lily lost a mere 1.3lb.    She is enjoying the freedom of being bandage free although she is not very active yet.   All of her incisions have healed beautifully with 1 exception.  There remains some swelling and draining where the largest tumor was removed.  Lily thanks you all for your support and good wishes, she has come a long way in such a short time. And now, her journey has one last road for her to take. Lily is available for adoption. If you are interested in offering Lily a couch for her final years, please contact Lily is good with cats, and would love to be the only dog in your life.  Lily is very, very sweet. 

Thank you again for all your support.  Lily's final veterinary expenses totaled $1200.00.   We couldn't have done it without you.  Below are new pics of Lily taken May 11 and 12.   Unfortunately, the only place I can get her to stand in any one place long enough to focus the camera is either in her crate or by the door.  (click on the thumbnail for larger print to appear below)


5/5/02 Update .... After a challenging week Lily is progressing well.  Because her lack of appetite became a cause for serious concern, Lily was placed on a short course of prednizone in hopes of increasing her appetite.   It worked.   Within a few hours of the first dose, Lily ate her first decent meal since surgery.   Within 24 hours, she was cleaning her bowl and looking for more.   Within 24 hours Lily's interest in her environment improved.  She even went for a little walk down the street.    She walks very slowly, and continues to have difficulty getting up and down from a resting position.   She prefers the security of her crate, even when given 'free access'.   The pictures below were taken this morning.  (Click on thumbnail image for larger pic. to appear below)


4/28/02 Update

Lily is walking slowly,  but not eating well.  The photo in the crate was taken Friday evening, the ones outside were taken Sunday 28th April.   Click on the thumbnail image for an enlarged view to appear directly below.


4/25/02 update


 ~Lily came through the surgery okay, but stopped breathing several times while in recovery. Thanks to the quick actions of doctors and staff Lily was 'brought back' to us and spend an uncomfortable night
connected to IV's and tubes. This morning she remains on IV fluids and pain meds but was able to stand on her own 4 feet to go out to the bathroom.  I'm told she was a little unsteady, but she was standing!!! She also ate a
little breakfast.

Due to the length of time she was under anesthesia and the extensiveness of the surgical procedures, Lily will remain under the watchful eye of the veterinary staff for another day or 2. The vet removed 8 tumors, the
largest, (a little smaller than a tennis ball) of which has been sent for biopsy, as has the 'suspicious' ovary. Early opinions suggest that the tumors may have been fueled by excess estrogen. When it came time for the
dental the vet discovered that almost all her teeth were decayed with exposed roots thus it was necessary to remove most of them. He assures me that while Lily may have a toothless smile, she will be able to eat!! He
is also positive that in 3 weeks she will be out "kicking her heals up" again, only higher!!. 


 The estimated veterinary cost for giving Lily an opportunity at a normal healthy life is $600. If you are interested in contributing to Lily's medical expenses, please send your Donations to:

Afghan Hound Rescue Central Ohio,

 724 Hunters Run,

 Gahanna, OH 43230.

follow this link for Lily's story 

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