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 Volunteers who Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome Unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused afghan hounds since 1997.

Volunteers who speak for afghan hounds who can't speak for themselves.


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Randy A. Byal


Randy joined us in 2003 when he adopted Ozzy.   He became a big supporter, willing to step up and help whenever needed.   A few months after adopting Ozzy, Randy called in search of a companion for Ozzy.   In 2004 he adopted Zues and the Byal boys became known for the affie antics.

Along with his involvement with AHRCO, Randy became an the editor in chief for the AHCA Rescue calendar project.   Taking the previously produced project into a onto dimensions.

In January 2009 while out walking his dogs on his property Randy suffered a massive coronary.   Sadly in the following hours before Randy was found Ozzy and Zues went exploring.  Ozzy went to the woods, while Zues headed for the road.   Next day, after Randy's body was found, Zues was found dead on the highway.   Ozzy was found later in the woods.  

Randy and Zues leave behind Randy's twin brother Ron who has welcomed Ozzy into his home.