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Sadie -

sadie couch.jpg (15330 bytes)

Little did they know, that life as they knew it, would be changed forever, when in November 1998, a Gahanna, Ohio family agreed to foster a rescued afghan hound.   
When her career with a back yard breeder was over,  Sadie was surrendered to rescue.  Flea ridden and in poor health from her most recently weaned litter, 9 year old Sadie was bathed and groomed,  taken for veterinary care before then placed in foster care.  

sadie1198.jpg (9290 bytes) Dirty, infested with fleas, tired and hungry, Sadie held her head high with pride during first night of freedom  (11/12/98)

It didn't take long for sweet talkin' Sadie  to persuade her foster family that she was just the very best thing that had ever happened to them.  With all the mischievous of a true afghan hound, Sadie has delighted those around her with her afghan antics.

sadiebed.jpg (10075 bytes)

During a recent vacation, Sadie delighted her caregiver, when left alone in the bedroom, she made herself comfortable.

When dinner time came around, she verbally expressed herself when dinner was delayed,   .....

 sadietable.jpg (9810 bytes)

sadieshades.jpg (8805 bytes)

At AHRCO's annual summer picnic, Sadie was chosen by Judge Stephani Norris (left)  as "Mz. Personality"

Thank you Pam, Bob, Devon and Jordan, for recognizing Sadie's potential and the pleasure the adoption of an older dog can bring.   

Sleep well, sweet Sadie, you will be missed.