The group was founded in 1997 by Maureen Anderson. We accept any and all afghan hounds into the rescue program. We accept abandoned, abused, and neglected afghan hounds, Afghan Hounds from shelters, owner surrenders. We do not purchase Afghan Hounds from breeders or from owners wishing to recoup their original investment.

AHRCO is a NO KILL RESCUE organization and NO Afghan Hound will be euthanized unless determined it would be in the best interest of the Afghan Hound by a Veterinarian and a minimum of 2 AHRCO members.

All dogs are placed under contract.  If the terms of the contract are not honored, we will reclaim the dog. 

All rescued Afghan Hounds over the age of 6 months are altered before adoption.  Puppies under 6 months are placed on a spay/neuter contract and monitored closely for compliance.

Each applicant will complete an application including Veterinarian references.  For an adoption application sent email to


After references have been checked and proven positive, a home visit will be arranged. During the home visit the rescue volunteer will meet ALL members of the household. In evaluating the household, the volunteer will consider such things as:

Are all members of the household committed to adopting a rescued Afghan hound

  • Who in the household will be the primary caregiver.
  • Is this an “Afghan friendly environment”
  • Is the yard fenced or is there a fenced exercise area.
  • If there is not a fenced yard, is the potential owner dedicated to walking/exercising the dog in ALL weather? 
  • Personality of other animals in the household
  • Are the other household animals spayed or neutered?
  • Are they current of vaccinations, etc.

Once the home has been approved, the volunteer and/or foster parent will deliver the chosen rescued Afghan Hound.  The volunteer will remain in the home with the adopting family for a reasonable period of time to all the dog to become comfortable.

Follow-up: The volunteer will call the home that same evening, then two other times during the first week, then weekly, then monthly, then periodically to ensure all is going well.With each adoption, the adopting family receives a lifetime membership to AHRCO, a volunteer is assigned as mentor/contact for the foster family.  That volunteer will say in contact with the adopting family for the lifetime of the dog.

If you would like to donate to Afghan Hound Rescue Central Ohio, all proceeds will help our orphans with medical cost, and help them find forever homes.

You can send donations by clicking on the PayPal button below and use the email address

Thank You.