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1993 - 2005

Sir Galahad Smith was born of champion parents in 1993 and found his first home with a military family in N. Ohio.  He lived happily with them for 6 years before a changing lifestyle forced his family to relocate without him.   Unable to locate his breeder at the time of his surrender, Galahad was placed into the adoption program.   Fostered initially at AHRCO HQ, he soon found a home with a young couple and their companion greyhound.  Unfortunately his family divorced soon after and Galahad was returned to rescue as previously agreed upon.   After a couple of weeks at Camp Carmel a sudden influx of orphans found Galahad on the road again. 

Transferred to Camp Debbie in Parkersburg, WV,  Galahad had no sooner arrived when he began to show Debbie those big brown eyes.  As the days passed, and Galahad opened his suitcase to reveal his issues, Debbie became more and more convinced that he was begging to stay.  Unable to deny the gentle soul, Debbie granted him his wish, giving him a piece of her heart, his own corner of her couch, and more often than not, most of the bed.

As the years past, the secrets of Galahad's past were revealed, and his birth mother identified. With this new found information, came new friends in the form of his littermate Zara's family.  With information of his breeder now known, contact was made, and a very happy breeder was delighted to learn what had happened to the puppy she has lost track of years before.  

Galahad became Debbie's heart hound, and graciously shared her attention with many ahrco orphans over the years.  He became her constant companion, traveling  with her to many places including the 2002 Nationals in Zion, Illinois, where he was seen in the Parade of Rescue.  He was chosen to represent all rescued afghan hounds as Cover boy for the 2003 AHCA Rescue calendar, and elected King of Central Arfdom in 2003.

Galahad, run free, enjoy life at the Bridge, your Mama will be with you again one day.