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Dallas-“The Control Freak” Eight year old Dallas is a bit reserved but very sweet, Dallas is a blue female that will make a great companion once she gets to know you.She is crate trained (and crate protective, especially if food is present), friendly with older children and (most) other pets.She loves walks, exploring her surroundings, and telling squirrels (and other small, scurrying animals) just exactly what she thinks of them .

Dwight dwight-2


Dwight-“The Gentle Giant” Eight year old Dwight is sweet boy that loves attention, Dwight is a cream male that would be happy to quietly  explore his surrounding for hours.He is crate trained (somewhat crate protective) and friendly with other pets and older children, but may not be the best choice for someone with small children.He enjoys checking out the local cat and just about any other thing that moves. And, like any other male, he loves to eat and doesn’t like anyone messing with his food.