Romeo ~

 Born in Missouri Puppy Mill, sired by the infamous Jamalai Haji Jamal Khan, Romeo was rescued at 7 months old by Missouri Afghan Hound Rescue.   Malnourished, ill with pneumonia, invested with fleas, and lice Blackie, as he was then called was given veterinary treatment then placed in foster care.  After weeks of foster care Romeo arrived in Columbus in October 1997 so afraid he refused to come out of his crate.  His airline crate had to be dismantled and Romeo lifted out.  He refused to walk; so, we carried him to the car.  His new family worked hard to help him overcome his fears.  After 3years Romeo would walk down his own street, he loves to play with his child companion, and he loved his couch…and then divorce came.  Unhappily in August 2000 his Mom realized she could no longer provide the best environment for Romeo so with pain in her heart, and tears in her eyes she allowed Romeo to  relocate to spend his remaining days with Nick and Judy Damis, of Wintersville, Ohio.              

Sadly, in May 2003  Judy had to send her wonderful Romeo on the the Bridge.      

Sleep peacefully, our sweet Romeo.....