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Sheba in her younger days

The incredible story of 




September 12, 2000.

It was noon and Brandy had taken time during her lunch break from work to walk Ramses, another of our orphans when a stranger approached, interested in the afghan hound. As the conversation progressed, this stranger shared information on his long lost Afghan hound, Sheba who had opened the gate, and taken herself for a walk 2 years ago (October 1998)

Signals went off in Brandy’s head, and she asked the stranger for more information, which he happily provided. Overwhelmed by the similarity between this stranger's story, and that of our old orphan, Sheba, Brandy asked the stranger to accompany her back to her office and started making phone calls to the head of AHRCO. At our request, the stranger, now known as Robert brought us the family photo album showing a young, much loved puppy growing into adult hood. Praying our Sheba was his Sheba, we arranged a meeting advising Robert not to inform his wife or family yet to avoid disappointment.

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Sheba puppy with mom & kitty

We had a wonderful reunion today. It brought tears to my eyes to watch as Robert led his wife into the room where we waited with Sheba. Afatamahís face revealed shock, as she immediately recognized her Sheba, whose tail started wagging with recognition. Sitting on the floor hugging Sheba, Afatamah repeated "my baby" over and over as she hugged, kissed and cuddled her long lost dog.


As emotions settled, we learned more of Sheba's story. She had escaped their yard 2 years ago wearing a collar with current identity tag.

 Someone found her and called, and Robert rushed to get her, but by the time they got there, Sheba had escaped that person. They were never able to locate Sheba after that. Sheba had vanished.

They didn't know what we knew.............

....that in November of 1998 Sheba had been captured and locked in a garage by a good Samaritan who had then given her to friend where she was taken to another community on the opposite side of town. Although Sheba had ID, we can only theorize that neither of these Samaritans chose to contact the owners, thinking that Sheba had been abused due to her terrible condition. (It doesn't take long for the best-groomed dog to become a dirty matted mess when they escape. It would be easy for an inexperienced sight hound person to think a thin Afghan hound was starved.) Removing and destroying her collar with identity information, the second Samaritan had Sheba treated by her veterinarian then placed her in what was thought was a good home. A year passed, when the Samaritan went to check on Sheba only to find  Sheba chained outside, coat matted and malnourished, she immediately reclaimed Sheba, taking her home to care for her.  Sheba did not adjust well and after 2 weeks, was surrendered to AHRCO in January 2000 where she remained in foster care.


Back where she belonged,  Sheba spent her final days with surrounded with her puppy hood love!

Sheba - 1998-2001